when i win your heart, emma

Fanfiction Nominees

  • Best One Shot

Out of Sight by michellemtsu
The Kiss by ramblingkitten 
Release is the key by fic-oritdidnthappen
Bad Dreams by evenfallhall
Never, Never by monimala
This Is My Kingdom Come by abigayle-lynn
Hey, Beautiful by RachelJennings
Delirium by obisgirl
The Checkup Paradox by TheSwanCaptain

Heaven Disturbed by baiser-vole 
Desperate Times by Captain’s Cove
A Change in the Wind by AlyWanderingSoul
Princess Bride by troubledpancakes
Second Star to the Right by Rhianna-Aurora 
I Will Find You by lonelyiridescence
Heartbeat Slowing Down by amycc7 
The Persuasion Incident by TheSwanCaptain 
Beautiful Tragic Love Affair by thenoblehouseofblack

  • Best Romance Fic

Pirate Ships and Pixie Dust by Wittyheroine
Holding On and Letting Go by Kaia Ray
Ocean’s Rebellion by FindSarah
Second Star to the Right by Rhianna-Aurora
I Will Find You by lonelyiridescence
Come Back To Me by Montana-Rosalie

  • Best Angst/Dark Fic

History Repeating by Metronomeblue
Like a Ship on the Ocean by IrisCarlyle
Dream of Me by lyricsinmotion
You’re an Idiot by freedomatsea
This is My Kingdom Come by abigayle-lynn
Forget Me Not by devilishlysas
At A Disadvantage by SilverRavenStar
Straight on ‘Til Morning by blacksilkrose123
Come Back To Me by Montana-Rosalie
I Will Find You by lonelyiridescence

  • Best Fluff Fic

When Henry met Hook by ForeverMrs.Padfoot
His Lucky Penny by MMCK
Memories by ramblingkitten

  • Best Humor Fic

Message Sent by CandyApple75
The Longest Night by sineadxrose
Intoxicated with you by Gaviotica31
The Persuasion Incident by TheSwanCaptain
I’ve got your number by ForPony39

  • Best AU Fic

Hearbeat Slowing Down by amycc7
Like Whiskey by fic-oritdidnthappen
The End Has Only Begun by aimsforaims
Heaven Disturbed by baiser-vole
The Checkup Paradox by TheSwanCaptain

  • Best Smut Fic

The Mast by freedomatsea
Bested Thrice by thescribediaries
Let’s by ficoritdidnthappen
Forget Me Not by devilishlysas

  • Most Underrated Fic

I’d Have Been Fine Without You by catatbed
In Silence by Lethally Alive
Magic is the only way by Applesbloodred

  • Best Overall fic

At A Disadvantage by SilverRavenStar 
Second Star to the Right by Rhianna-Aurora
Heartbeat Slowing Down by amycc7 
Fortune Favours the Brave by muckfuffins
Come Back to Me by Montana-Rosalie
The Persuasion Incident by TheSwanCaptain
dirty magic by andromeda3116

  • Best Drabble

Quite the Team by aD 1990 
A Perfect Stranger by freedomatsea

  • Best Prompted Fic

This isn’t everything you are by michellemtsu 
i’d be so good to you by blood noiir  
A Royal Flush by freedomatsea
I wanna see what you see (when your eyes close) by Philyra
Double Feature by TheSwanCaptain

  • Best Series Fic

Breath of Life by thesecribediaries
Like Whiskey by fic-oritdidnthappen

  • Most Creative Fic

Swan Princess by MirrorMyThoughts 
At a Disadvantage by SilverRavenStar 
Fortune Favours the Brave by muckfuffins
Heaven Disturbed by baiser-vole
Like Whiskey by fic-oritdidnthappen
Beautiful Tragic Love Affair by thenoblehouseofblack
Say My Name by RachelJennings

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